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Syrian Troops Repel Terrorist Attack on Army Positions in Idlib Province

The Syrian army repelled an attack by the Nusra Front terrorist group on its positions in the Qasabiyeh village in Idlib’s southern countryside, recently retaken by the government forces, the SANA news agency has reported.

Terrorists used suicide bombers and several armoured vehicles to carry out the attack but were repelled by the Syrian army units, the SANA news agency says.

The military killed several terrorists and destroyed their equipment, the media outlet added.

Syria has remained in the grips of a civil war since 2011, with fights taking place between President Bashar Assad’s government forces, various opposition groups and terrorist organizations. There are several groups, foreign mercenaries among them, who are reportedly operating in Syria’s northwestern region. 

Russia, Iran and Turkey have taken the role of ceasefire guarantors in Syria. Apart from this, Russia has been carrying out regular humanitarian operations in the country and assists Damascus in ensuring a safe return of Syrian refugees.