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Israeli occupation attacks and kills on speculation

Steven Sahiounie, Middle East observer

Netanyahu attacks Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon to win re-election

Benyamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of “Israel”, the occupier of Palestine, may lose the election on September 17th.  He is the longest-serving prime minister in the history of the occupation; however, he is facing possible defeat even though he is the best friend of Pres. Trump, who enjoys a 70% approval rating in “Israel”.  Netanyahu is facing 3 serious corruption charges in a hearing set for October.  Some analysts predict he will lose the election, lose his case, and go to jail.  To win the election, Netanyahu has billboards all over “Israel” showing himself and Trump shoulder to shoulder. 

Netanyahu’s election strategy is to demonstrate that security is his main goal for the voters.  In the past, cracking down on Palestinian resistance groups in the West Bank and Gaza would have been enough; however, his new focus is on Iran.  He has consistently portrayed Iran as the enemy and has influenced U.S. officials into a similar perception. Trump’s decision to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal was influenced by Netanyahu.

On July 19th, “Israel” attacked targets in Iraq, which killed Iraqis and damaged military property.  The Iraqi government in Baghdad complained to the U.S., and this attack seemed unusual given the fact that Iraq is an ally of the U.S. and houses thousands of U.S. military on its soil while fighting terrorism together.  “Israel” could have killed American troops in their attack on the Iraqi military; however, we have heard no warnings to “Israel”, or outrage from the Pentagon.  For some time Iraq has been undecided as to whether they would identify nationally with the resistance movement.  The attack in July may have pushed them to take a stance. 

Saturday, “Israel” stepped up the attacks with one in Damascus, hitting a residential building that killed 2 Lebanese citizens.  Hours later on Sunday, “Israel” attacked Beirut with 2 drones, one of which was a 2-meter long military drone which destroyed and damaged offices and homes, and another C-4 laden military drone which did not explode but was captured intact.  Hezbollah was the target of both attacks.  Monday, “Israel” attacked a Palestinian resistance group in Lebanon east of Zahle.  Yesterday, another 2 drones from “Israel” were fired upon at the Lebanese border.  Lebanese President Michel Aoun said on Monday that Lebanon had a right to defend itself against attacks.  Hezbollah has vowed to respond to these attacks.

“Israel” has a long history of preemptive airstrikes, which are a form of targeted assignations.  They have a history of striking first, in an unprovoked attack, and then building a case in the media to justify the attacks, deaths, and destruction. For example, they would attack a car in Gaza, kill everyone in it, and then tell the media they had suspicions that the man who died was going to attack “Israel”.  Attacking and killing people who they speculated might one day do something against “Israel”, but before anything had occurred.

The Resistance

During WW2 the French resistance fought the Nazi occupiers and helped to win the liberation of France.  Palestine has been occupied since 1948 and the suffering of 5 million persons, denied human rights has drawn the attention and passion of millions of global citizens who form the resistance movement.  Some countries have embraced the resistance to the occupation of Palestine, such as Syria, Iran, Palestine, and Lebanon.  Many Arab countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the UAE, have openly supported “Israel” and have developed close ties with the occupier.

Hezbollah is a Lebanese group committed to the armed resistance to the occupation of Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine.  The Lebanese citizens suffered 23 years under brutal “Israeli” military occupation of the South of Lebanon.  The people of Lebanon and Syria want to see the human rights restored to the Palestinian people, as well as the Shebaa Farms and the Golan Heights,  returned to Lebanon and Syria, and these 3 points could be achieved through a just and comprehensive peace treaty between the occupiers and Palestine and the neighboring countries.  According to the UN, international law, and the Geneva Convention all persons living under occupation have the right to armed struggle to recover their rights.

Iran has made resistance a core value.  Saudi Arabia has been coached by “Israel” and the U.S. to see Iran as the enemy, thus making the trio the foundation of political power in the Middle East today.  The Middle East region is in a precarious position, sitting on a powder-keg which could be ignited at any moment, by an international cast of players.  The recent military aggressions ordered by Netanyahu in the region may prove to be a miscalculation once Lebanese resistance responds.