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Syrian Army uncovers weapon cache in southern Syria

The Syrian Army troops continue a mopping-up operation in southern Syria after the entire former rebel-stronghold fell to the government forces last year.

According to a military source, a huge weapon cache has been recently uncovered in Syria’s Daraa which contains a drone, sophisticated communication devices, night vision devices and an Israeli-made vehicle.

The cache also includes huge quantities of machineguns, Grad missiles, mortar and tanks shells, as well as ammunition of various kinds.

By July 2018, the Syrian Army have gained full control over Daraa city following a series of fierce battles with rebel forces (2018 Southern Syria offensive). Although a considerable number of rebels reconciled with the Syrian government, others prefer to be evacuated to Syria’s north.

However, the reconciled militants resumed their anti-government activities; launching precise and systematic attacks against Army troops and security forces across Daraa.

As a result, The Syrian Arab Army has reinforced their checkpoints in western Daraa after a series of attacks by the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham sleeper cells.