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Syria, Iraq Open Border Crossing Along Euphrates River After Daesh Defeat

Syria and Iraq on Monday held the ceremony to reopen the border checkpoint between the towns of Al Bukamal and Qaim, a major crossing point that has been closed for years following the defeat of Daesh*.

The opening of the border crossing took place at noon local time (09:00 GMT) and was attended by a number of officials from both countries.

This checkpoint and two others — between Iraq’s Al Walid and Syria’s At Tanf, and Iraq’s Rabia and Syria’s Al-Yarubiyah — were closed between 2013 and 2014 after Daesh terrorists gained control over them.

Daesh is a terrorist organisation that sought to establish a religious caliphate led according to jihadist principles over the entire Muslim world; it was substantially defeated by Kurdish forces aided by an international coalition, losing almost all of its previously-held territory in Iraq and Syria by March 2019.