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Russia Successfully Tested S-500 Air-Defense System In Syria

Russia has successfully tested its most advanced air-defense system, the S-500 Prometey, in Syria, according to the Russian daily Izvestia.

Citing sources in the Russian Ministry of Defense, the outlet reported on October 2 that the test included the “ most important elements of the S-500.”

The sources told Izvestia that experts identified “certain problems” with the system during the tests. However, they were quickly fixed and the tests were declared successful.

“Special attention is paid to the smooth operation of all components … the equipment was tested in harsh technical and climatic conditions,” the outlet quoted former deputy commander-in-chief of the Russian Air Force on issues of integrated air defense system, Lt. Gen. Aitech Bizhev as saying.

The S-500, which is being developed by Russia’s defense giant Almaz-Antey, will have a range of up to 600km with advanced anti-ballistic missile (ABM) capabilities.

Serial production of the S-500 is set to begin in the second half of 2020. Russia said it will not sell the S-500 at any price to any country in the near future as it was specially developed for the Russian military.