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Syria, War Propaganda and the “White Helmets”

By Mark Taliano

The Western public’s perceptions of the war in Syria are based on an unprecedented campaign of war propaganda. Why? Because the imperial war against Syria consists of Supreme International War Crimes.

“Non Governmental Agencies”, which are actually government and foundation-funded agencies play a key role in the war propaganda. The White Helmets are embedded with the terrorists — al Qaeda/ISIS and affiliates.

So, who are these White Helmeted “saviours” and what do they do? By their own admissions, they conduct false flag chemical weapons operations. By their own admissions, they are terrorists. By their own admissions, they are actors. They also have been implicated in criminal organ harvesting and myriad assorted criminal activities in Syria. Click here to listen to what former White Helmets operatives admit to doing.

There is no shortage of evidence which demonstrates their crimes

Al Qaeda leader Abu Jaber praises the White Helmets as “hidden soldiers of the revolution” here:

On March 16 the leader of HTS (Al-Qaeda in #Syria) Abu Jaber thanked the #WhiteHelmets & called them the “hidden soldiers of the revolution”3331:40 PM – Mar 20, 2017Twitter Ads info and privacy508 people are talking about this

Watch the Pierre LeCorf investigative video below:\

The original source of this article is Global Research