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Syrian Army Recaptures 4 Villages in Idlib Province From Militants

The Syrian army recaptured four villages in the northern province of Idlib from militants over the past four days, Sputnik correspondent reported on Monday.

The Syrian army regained control of the village of Umm Halahil in the southeast of the Idlib province, causing substantial damage to the terrorist group, and also recovered the villages of Dahra-Zarzur and Sir.

Over the past day, the military has also recaptured the village of Al Musharrafah in the province’s southeast and taken control of the agricultural areas adjacent to it.

As a result of an operation carried out in August, the Syrian military has managed to liberate significant territories in the north of the Hama province and the south of the Idlib province, which were held by terrorists for several years. Major turning points in the conflict were the liberation of the strategic city of Khan Sheikhoun and gaining access to the international Damascus-Aleppo M5 highway.