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Two Launches from Gaza Strip Identified as Sirens Go Off in Sderot

Sirens went off in Gaza Strip and Sderot, Israeli Defence Forces reported on their twitter page on Tuesday.

Following the sirens, two launches from Gaza Strip at Israeli territory were identified, according to the IDF. The military added the Iron Dome air defence system managed to intercept one projectile.

“2 rockets were just fired from Gaza at Israeli civilians. 1 rocket was intercepted by the Iron Dome Aerial Defense System,” the IDF wrote on its Twitter page.

This month, border tensions escalated again. They were triggered by Israel’s killing of Baha Abu al-Atta, a top commander from Palestine’s Islamic Jihad group in the Gaza Strip. Palestinian militants fired multiple rockets toward Israel, while the latter responded with aerial attacks.

Meanwhile, Palestinians were expected to turn up in big numbers today both in Gaza and the West Bank to protest against the US policy shift on Israeli settlements in the Palestinian Territories. During the last year’s Great March of Return, a series of Palestinian protests held on the Gaza border to commemorate the loss of their land to forceful Israeli expropriations since the 1940’s, as well as the recent recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel by Washington, a total of 183 Palestinians were killed and 6,000 wounded by live ammunition used by Israeli security forces, according to a UN probe.