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Protesters Burn Al-Hakim’s Shrine Entrance in Iraq’s Najaf

Previously, demonstrators set a local Iranian consulate on fire, with the staff fleeing the building through a back door, while scores of police officers and protesters were injured in clashes that followed.

Iraqi protesters set fire to the Grand Ayatollah Muhammad Bakir Al-Hakim’s shrine in the city of Najaf on Saturday, the Reuters news agency reported. According to the video, which the agency received from an eye-witness, the demonstrators cheered and made video recordings of the burning building.

Police forces used tear gas to disperse the protesters, the agency added, citing police officers and a demonstrator at the scene.

The incident occurred after Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi submitted his letter of resignation to the Parliament, which will vote on the matter on 1 December.

Mass protests have engulfed the Middle Eastern nation since early October, with people demanding the government’s resignation, economic reforms, better living conditions, social welfare, and an end to corruption.