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US Pauses Taliban Talks After Bagram Attack

When the US and Taliban peace talks were on the brink of a deal in September, President Trump declared the process dead, angered by one of the recent Taliban attacks. No ceasefire was ever in place, but US officials said the attack suggested it proved the Taliban didn’t want peace.

Having just gotten back to the table for talks this month, the US delegation has once again declared the entire process paused, in this case because of a Taliban suicide attack against Bagram Air Base.

The Wednesday morning Bagram attack was not highly newsworthy. An explosive-packed vehicle hit the exterior gate  outside the hospital, killing two civilians and wounding dozens of others.

US officials say this will be a “brief pause” meant to express “outrage” over the attack. Given it’s a relatively common level of attack, however, it may not be a good sign for this next round to peace talks.

President Trump has made clear he intends for this new round of talks to include a ceasefire, but until one has actually been agreed upon the US keeps attacking Taliban targets. It is unsurprising, then, that the Taliban should keep hitting US targets, barring a deal.