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Syrian Foreign Ministry: U.S. was Behind Drone Attack On Homs Oil Facilities

Drones from the US base in Al Tanf conducted a strike against oil facilities in the Syrian province of Homs on December 12, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem said on December 23 at the meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

“The US, using its illegal military base in Al Tanf, sent drones to Homs and committed air strikes by them against the oil refining infrastructure. It took place four days ago,” the Minister commented. “I would like to note that this occured in winter, when we have a pressing need for oil and gas. Yesterday Israel made an attack against Syrian Arab Republic, firing a number of rockets against facilities in Damascus and the outskirts,” Muallem said.

According to the Syrian Oil Ministry, several production units were put out of operation. Earlier, it was revealed that the drone attack hit the Homs oil refinery, the al-Rayan gas station and a gas processing facility.

The attack placed many sections of the targeted facilities out of service and caused several fires, which were put down immediately by the Syrian Civil Defense (the real one, don’t mix it with the so-called White Helmets). After the attack, ISIS claimed responsibility for it via its news agency Amaq. However, the terrorist group provided no evidence to confirm its claims.