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WikiLeaks ’ Docs: OPCW Intentionally Deleted ‘All Traces ’ Of Dissenting Report On DOMA Incident

Wikileaks published on December 27 four new leaked documents and emails from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) revealing that top officials in the organization had conspired to delete all traces of dissenting report on the alleged chemical attack on Syria’s Douma in April 2018

The first document, dated 27 and 28 February, contains an e-mail from Sebastien Braha, Chief of Cabinet at the OPCW, in which he instructs that an engineering report from Ian Henderson should be removed from the secure registry of the organization.

Henderson inspected the sites in Douma and two cylinders that were found on the site of the alleged attack. In the report, which has been already leaked, he says that the cylinders were more likely manually placed there than dropped from a plane or helicopter from considerable heights.

“Please get this document out of DRA [Documents Registry Archive] … And please remove all traces, if any, of its delivery/storage/whatever in DRA,” the leaked document reads.

The engineer’s findings were excluded from the official final OPCW report on the Douma incident, for no clear reason.

The second document is minutes from a meeting on 6 June 2018 between staff members of the OPCW and three Toxicologists/Clinical pharmacologists, one bioanalytical and toxicological chemist, all specialists in chemical weapons.

The OPCW team members wrote that the key “take-away message” from the meeting with the experts was:

“that the symptoms observed were inconsistent with exposure to chlorine and no other obvious candidate chemical causing the symptoms could be identified.”

This conclusion were also excluded from the OPCW’s final report on the incident, which claimed that Chlorine gas was “likely used” in the attack on Duma. A previous leak had revealed that the levels of the toxic gas were “essentially trace quantities.”

The third document is a copy of OPCW e-mail exchanges from 20 to 28 August 2018 discussing the findings of the meeting with the toxicologists.

The fourth document, an e-mail exchange from the end of July 2018, states that the eight OPCW inspectors deployed to Douma during the fact finding mission, except for a paramedic, should be excluded from discussions on the project.

The four document clearly shows that OPCW officials conspired to delete any trace from Henderson’s report, to excluded information rejecting the use of chemical weapons in Douma attack and to censor discussion on the incident within the organization.

The OPCW has not commented on the new leak, so far. The organization confirmed the authenticity of several documents, which had been leaked by WikiLeaks before. These leaks confirm that the entire ‘Douma chemical attack narrative’ was manually designed by Western sponsors of radical militant groups operating in Syria in order to accuse the Assad government of using chemical weapons.