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Protesters in Iraq Reportedly Shut Down Southern Nassiriya Oil Field

Over 450 people have been killed in Iraq since mass protests started in the country in early October; demonstrators accuse the political system of being “corrupt”.

Protesters broke into an oil field in the city of Nassiriya in southern Iraq on Saturday, forcing employees to cut off electricity from its control station, Reuters reported, citing sources. 

The oil field produces 90,000 barrels of crude per day. The protesters chanted “no homeland, no oil” as they broke into the facility, the agency quotes sources as saying.

Although protesters had previously blocked entrances to refineries and ports, this is the first time they have shut down an oil field.

Iraq has been gripped by mass protests since October when activists took to the streets to demand a change in the country’s “corrupt” political system. More than 450 people have been killed in the protests since then.

Earlier this week, Iraqi President Barham Salih refused to designate the city of Basra’s governor as the new prime minister. He said he would rather step down than appoint someone who is being rejected by protesters.