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Terrorists Set off Pre-Installed Explosives in Attack on Oil Tanks in Syria’s Baniyas

In December last year, media reported that terrorists had carried out three simultaneous attacks on an oil refinery in Homs, a gas factory, and an Al-Rayan gas station in the central part of the country, causing damage to production units.

Terrorists have attacked oil storage tanks in Baniyas, Syria, setting off pre-installed explosives, SANA reported, citing the country’s Petroleum Ministry.

The news of the attack comes after media reported, citing the Petroleum Ministry, that terrorists targeted energy facilities in central Syria on 21 December.

Prior to this, a US military base at the al-Omar oil field in the south-eastern Syrian province of Deir Ez-Zor was reportedly attacked by unknown assailants, with American soldiers responding with shelling and stun grenades.

The Syrian Oil Ministry stated in December that two gas fields producing a total of one million cubic metres of gas per day were put into operation east of the city of Homs and this should improve the situation with the country’s electricity supply.

Syria consumes about 100,000 barrels of oil per day and produces only 24,000 barrels. Many of the country’s oil facilities are either destroyed or not controlled by the government, while Western sanctions hinder the delivery of oil and oil products to the country.