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Trump Claims Obama Administration Gave Hypersonic Technology To Russia

US President Donald Trump gave a speech at the White House Business session, speaking regarding the US Fiscal Year 2021 budget, as well as hypersonic weapons.

Regarding the hypersonic weapons, Trump said that Russia, which is the only country currently fielding such technology, actually was provided it by the Obama administration, while the US wasn’t working on any developments.

Trump also boasted that progress was being made in terms of nuclear weapons, and that both China and Russia wanted to avoid another such arms race.

“Now, at the same time, Russia and China both want to negotiate with us to stop this craziness of spending billions and billions of dollars on nuclear weapons. But the only way, until we have that agreement — the only thing I can do is create, by far, the strongest nuclear force anywhere in the world, which, as you know, over the last three years, we very much upgraded our nuclear.

But we’re buying new. We have the super-fast missiles — tremendous number of the super-fast. We call them “super-fast,” where they’re four, five, six, and even seven times faster than an ordinary missile. We need that because, again, Russia has some. I won’t tell you how they got it. They got it, supposedly, from plans from the Obama administration when we weren’t doing it. And that’s too bad. That’s not good. But that’s how it happened. And China, as you know, is doing it.”

This is in the same delusional ballpark as former US National Security Adviser John Bolton’s claim that Russia stole the hypersonic technology from the US.

In August 2019, following an incident of an alleged missile explosion off the Russian coast, Bolton said that “something obviously has gone badly wrong here,” it also showed that Russia was “still spending enough on defense to not only modernize their nuclear arsenal, to build new kinds of delivery vehicles, hypersonic glide vehicles, hypersonic cruise missiles, largely stolen from American technology.”

Thus, the timeline of the attitude towards the hypersonic weapons by Washington is the following:

  1. Initially, both media and officials mocked the weapons, saying that they were simply a sort of fairytale and they don’t exist;
  2. Then, when it was proven they exist, the reports started circulating saying that, despite being real, they don’t work “as advertised” and are not really hypersonic;
  3. When they successfully under went their tests, and proved that they could really move at hypersonic speeds, reports surfaced that Russia would “only” have 60 hypersonic nuclear-capable missiles;
  4. Following that, the hypersonic technology was confirmed as real, apparently the number of hypersonic missiles Russia would have would be “enough”, but Moscow actually stole the technology from the US. Washington is currently investing massive sums in attempting to play catch up, since they could have potentially lost their technology when the Russians “stole it.”
  • Now, finally Trump revealed that it was, actually, the Obama administration who gave hypersonic technology to Russia, and maybe even former US President Barack Obama took the secret of hypersonic technology with himself and refuses to share it with the rest of the US.

Other than that, the US budget proposal stands at $4.8 trillion. Out of it, $705 billion are for the Department of Defense.

The space force is to receive $111 million, to fund essential personnel growth for the USSF, including staff for centers for development of doctrine, testing, and training for the new Service. The USSF is realigning existing space forces and materiel from the Air Force in the near term and scaling up with other components over the next several years in order to address increasing threats and maintain strategic advantage. The Budget also grows the Space Development Agency, which was established in 2019 to foster innovation by leveraging the thriving domestic commercial space sector, and the U.S. Space Command, which would employ the forces and capabilities of the USSF.

In hypersonic weapons development, which the budget admits should be accelerated, $3.2 billion are foreseen.

The Budget supports increased operational flight testing necessary to accelerate delivery of fully operational weapon systems that would provide unprecedented offensive strike capability across multiple warfighting domains.

$3.2 billion is quite a bit of funding for the accelerated development of technology that the US allegedly should already have and has provided to Russia.