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Turkey Deploys 300 Military Vehicles to Idlib Amid Conflict With Syria

The situation in northern Syria remains tense since Damascus clashed with Ankara-backed militants, and later with the Turkish Army, as both sides accuse each other of breaking a ceasefire agreement.

The Turkish Army has sent around 300 military vehicles to its observation points in the Syrian province of Idlib, Haberturk reported. According to the broadcaster, the military trucks, armoured vehicles, and self-propelled guns are heading to the de-escalation zone.

This deployment comes after Ankara performed strikes against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), claiming that Damascus violated a ceasefire after several Turkish servicemen died during the army’s attack at the observation point in Idlib.

The Syrian government, however, stated that the various armed factions in Idlib – the last stronghold of jihadists in the country – ignored the agreement, repeatedly attacking the military. According to Damascus, there are at least 70,000 militants in the rebel-controlled part of the province, with many of them belonging to the al-Nusra* terrorist organisation.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowed to drive the Syrian forces from the de-escalation zone before the end of February, also threatening to launch a full-scale military offensive in all areas if Damascus attacks the Turkish Army.