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Turkish -Russian Negotiations On IDLIB Finish With No Breakthrough . Airstrikes Pound Turkish Friends From Al-Qaeda In IDLIB

The second round of the Russian-Turkish taks on the situation in the Syrian province of Idlib ended in Moscow on February 18. The Turkish delegation left Russia. The sides released no official statement on the talks’ outcome hinting that no breakthrough was achieved.

Turkey’s state-run Anadolu Agency reported the following on the agenda of the talks:

According to diplomatic sources, the Turkish delegation stressed the need to rapidly reduce the fighting and prevent further worsening of the humanitarian situation in the region.

Another point on the agenda include measures that could be taken in Idlib to ensure full implementation of the agreements reached under the Sochi memorandum.

A spokesman for Erdogan’s ruling party claimed that Ankara had officially informed Moscow about its policy in northwestern Syria and once again threatened Syria with a military agression. Turkey seeks to rescue its little al-Qaeda friends in Greater Idlib from the Syrian Army advance in order to attempt to limit the ability of the Syrian government to restore control of the country devastated by the years of war.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Air Force and the Russian Aerospace Forces conducted a new round of airstrikes on positions of al-Qaeda-linked groups across Idlib. It seems Turkish threats work not very well.