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Syrian Emergency Update: Feb 28, 2019

By:Lilly Martin, writer

Last night, we were very close to open warfare. As you know, Turkey invaded Syria to support the Al Qaeda terrorists in Idlib. Turkey gave the terrorists shoulder-held anti-aircraft missiles. They used it to target a Russian jet

over Idlib. Russia and Syria both fly over Idlib, and target specific locations on the ground which have been selected by snitches on the ground who give the location of terrorists. The Russian pilot avoided being hit by taking countermeasures against the heat-seeking missile, but he reported the event. Later, the Syrian airforce bombed a group of terrorists who were planning to attack Syrian ground forces in the Idlib region.

The Turkish Army was hiding in the core of the terrorists, trying to ‘mask’ their location by being surrounded by terrorists. However, when the Syrian airforce struck the terrorists, the result was they killed about 34 Turkish soldiers, and injured many as well.

4 Turkish helicopters arrived to retrieve the dead and wounded to Reyhanli Hospital (in Turkey). This caused Erdogan (Pres. of Turkey) to call USA, then NATO, and finally Russia. Basically, all of them do not want to offer any help to Turkey because: #1. Turkey invaded Syria and were attacked in Syria, so that is a legal attack under international law.

#2. The group Turkey is supporting in Idlib is Al Qaeda, and USA, NATO and Russia are not going to publically support Al Qaeda , which is a banned terrorist group. Remember 9/11? Erdogan has 2 options:

#1. to admit defeat and retreat to Turkey, or, #2. to push forward, declare war on Syria and Russia, knowing that he is all alone in his war, and no one wants to help him, except some Al Qaeda terrorists. A book could be written about the mistakes Erdogan has made by teaming up with Radical Islam and its ideology, which many experts have called a DEATH CULT.

Humanitarian groups, charities and the UN have been ENABLERS to the terrorists and their families. They have provided the basics of life to allow the suffering of innocent children to be prolonged. This Sunni-Utopia project called Idlib should have been shut down years ago. The history books will explain how Radical Islam was used as a political tool to effect ‘regime change’, and even though it never was successful in 9 years of war, the US-EU-NATO-TURKEY originators could not let it die. They feed the project like a sick pet, instead of shutting it down. The civilians have been fed by these groups, depending on donors who think they are helping, and in reality, they are paying for more suffering, and that doesn’t even begin to take into account the death and suffering of people from Kessab, Latakia,M’Hardeh and Aleppo who have been slaughtered and maimed by these western-backed terrorists for 9 years.