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Why Afghanistan was attacked by the US

By Walt Peretto

In order for self-serving psychopathic elite to achieve a one world government, all nation states must eventually relinquish their political, economic, and cultural sovereignty. A monumental boost toward achieving this goal is the Zionist/Neocon false flag events of 9/11/2001.

Twenty six days after 9/11, the Zionist colony of the United States invaded Afghanistan for the following three reasons:

  1. Offer a stunned and angry public the illusion of retaliation against the scripted ‘perpetrators’ of the 9/11 events.                     
  2. Revamp the global opiate trade and turn billions of dollars in profits.
  3. Coerce an obstinate Afghani government into entering a ‘cooperative’ era of assimilation into a one world system.

After almost 19 years of bloodshed and misery, the burgeoning Zionist colony of Afghanistan has three major ‘competing’ forces vying for ‘local authority.’ They include the US invaders, the installed puppet government, and what remains of the Taliban. After a number of concessions on all sides, a pre-agreement has been reached to minimize violence and begin the de-escalation process.

To date, there is no official ‘winner’ to the longest war in US history, but many of its aims are met. Heroin, which the Taliban had all but eliminated before the invasion, now flows unimpeded into Western nations. The capital of Kabul is now home to a Western backed puppet regime.

The role of Afghanistan on the mythical ‘War on Terror’ is running its course. The beholden puppet government is firmly in place. The Taliban is slowly selling out as it realizes the futility of fighting (by military means) the most powerful coalition of psychopaths in human history. Once the Taliban is permanently subdued, Afghanistan will join recent additions to the New World Order such as Iraq and Libya. While Zio/Western-backed Daesh mercenaries are beaten back from wreaking havoc in Syria and Northwestern Iraq—New World Order states like Saudi Arabia continue to terrorize Yemen. Iran remains the big prize in the region as the Zionist media incessantly demonizes the Tehran government, the US continues to impose more and more sanctions, and the US engages in assassination. Don’t be surprised if the recent coronavirus phenomenon has a New World Order fingerprint. Vigilance and time will reveal the truth.

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