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Russian COVID-19 Response Team Will Work In ITALY’S Bergamo

Russian mobile medical teans and viral agent defense experts who have arrived in Italy for assisting the fight against the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak will be working in the city of Bergamo, Lombardy region, the Russian Defence Ministry said on March 24.

“It has been determined, following consultations, that Russian military experts, who have experience in fighting epidemics … across the whole world, will start fulfilling tasks in the Italian city of Bergamo,” the defense ministry’s statement reads.

The Russian COVID-19 response team is now preparing for a 600-kilometer long road. It is coordinating documents and preparing vehicles and equipment for relocation. The Russian military noted that it had delivered mobile disinfection units and mobile laboratories for diagnosing infectious diseases.

Russia started deploying specialists and equipment in the framework of its effort to assist Italy on March 22. Since then, 14 IL-76 with specialists and euqipment have been sent to the country.

Italy is currently the main hotspot of the COVID-19 crisis in Europe. The situation is also very complicated in Spain.