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Russian Military Doctors Begin Receiving, Treating COVID-19 Patients in Italy’s Bergamo

Russian military doctors have begun providing 24-hour care at a field hospital in the Italian city of Bergamo for patients that have tested positive for COVID-19, the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement on Monday.

“On Monday, April 6, Russian military doctors together with their Italian colleagues began providing round-the-clock care and treatment at a field hospital in the city of Bergamo for patients that have contracted the coronavirus disease”, the statement read.

The ministry added that eight teams of Russian medical professionals will provide general and intensive care treatment for patients in both a critical and stable condition. All the necessary medical equipment has been provided.

“All the staff of the international medical teams received training at the city’s Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital. After patients are processed at the hospital, Russian and Italian specialists will receive, diagnose and treat patients around the clock”, the statement read.

Roughly 200 Russian and Italian medical professionals will work at the field hospital, which has 142 beds.

Since March, the Russian military has sent 15 aircraft and dozens of specialists to Italy, the European nation most affected by COVID-19, along with disinfection and diagnostic equipment. Russian specialists have also helped their Italian colleagues with the construction of a field hospital in the city of Bergamo.