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Syrian Army Repels ISIS Attack In Eastern Homs

On April 11, Syrian Arab Army (SAA) repelled ISIS’ attack on its positions in the’ eastern countryside of Homs, according to several sources.

The large-scale attack, which began two days ago, targeted army positions between the town of al-Sukhanh and Wadi al-Waer. Opposition sources are claiming that up to 40 Syrian soldiers and officers were killed in the attack.

Syrian and Russian warplanes provided army troops with a close air support during the clashes, targeting ISIS’ personnel, positions and equipment. Sources affiliated with ISIS claimed that two warplanes were hit. These claims appear to be an obvious war propaganda not based on any evidence.

While several sources are claiming that the attack was fully repelled, ISIS could launch another phase in the upcoming few days.

Meanwhile, the SAA and its allies are deploying large reinforcements in eastern Homs, mainly in the governorate’s desert. Hundreds of ISIS fighters are taking shelter there.

According to pro-government sources, the SAA is preparing to launch a large military operation in the Homs desert. Hundreds of troops will allegedly take part in the military effort.