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Locals Intercept Another U.S. Convoy in Northeast Syria

locals intercepted a convoy of the U.S.-led coalition in the northeastern Syrian governorate of al-Hasakah.

According to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), the convoy was intercepted near the towns of Abu Qasayeb and al-Rahayah al-Sawda in northern al-Hasakah.

“The locals of the villages of Abu Qasayeb and al-Rahayah al-Sawda in the area of Tell Hamis in al-Qamishli countryside intercepted a convoy of American occupation forces consisting of five armored vehicles, forcing it to retreat,” the state-run agency’s reporter said.

Several similar incidents happened during the last few weeks, especially in the countryside of the city of al-Qamishli. In some cases, Syrian Arab Army (SAA) troops supported the locals intercepted U.S. forces.

A recent report by the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) revealed that the U.S, which still has around 500 U.S. personnel in northeast Syria, is working to strengthen its influence in the region.

The SAA and locals in northeast Syria are apparently coordinating their efforts to limit the movement of U.S. forces. This can be clearly seen near oil fields in al-Hasakah, where U.S. forces conduct patrols on a regular basis.