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Houthis Repel Two Saudi -led Coalition Attacks In Northern Yemen

The Houthis announced on April 16 that they had repelled two attacks by the Saudi-led coalition and its proxies in northern Yemen.

The first attack targeted the area of Abuab al-Hadid on the Yemeni border with the southern Saudi province of Asir. The Yemeni group’s artillery pounded the attackers, their positions and equipment, forcing them to retreat.

The Saudi-led coalition’s second attack targeted the Houthis’ positions in the area of Rasha al-Sharqiyah on the border with the Kingdom’s southern province of Najran. Houthi fighters clashed with Saudi-backed fighters targeting them and their vehicles with machine guns and rocket propelled grenades. Within a few hours, the attack was foiled.

The Houthis have been controlling a long strip of the Yemeni-Saudi border since the outbreak of the war in 2015. From there, the Yemeni group’s fighters launch regular raids into the Kingdom’s territory.

Earlier this month, the Saudi-led coalition announced a ceasefire in Yemen in order facilitate efforts to counter the widespread of the novel coronavirus. However, the coalition broke its own ceasefire in a few hours after the declaration and resumed its aerial and ground operations in various parts of Yemen.