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Hezbollah prevented ISIS from reaching Europe: Iranian official to Germany

An Iranian official said this weekend that it was the blood and sacrifices of Hezbollah that prevented Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh) terrorists from reaching European capitals.

“The German government’s actions against the Lebanese people by designating Hezbollah as a terrorist organization violates international laws and violates the right to self-determination, which is a legal basis in human rights law,” the constitution spokesman for the Guardian Council, Abbas Ali Kadkhadai, said, as reported by Lebanon’s Al-Ahed News.

The Iranian official criticized the German government for claiming to defend human rights, while supporting the designation of Hezbollah as a terrorist entity.

“The German government, which claims to defend human rights, must stand with the resistance forces defending its land and people instead of supporting the Zionist entity,” the Iranian official said.

“The last measure of the German government proved that the slogan of this government’s defense of human rights is not real, but is used as an excuse to eliminate the rights of people in different regions of the world,” he continued.

“I presented it in this field to prevent the arrival of this terrorist scourge supported by the Zionists in the European capitals, and they have achieved security and stability for the world,” he added.

On April 30, Berlin announced the banning of Hezbollah on its soil, describing it as a “terrorist organization”.