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New attacks by ISIS cells towards the army and Popular Mobilization points in Iraq

Militants from ISIS sleeper cells attacked a police station in Diyala, Iraq, killing and injuring 11 civilians and policemen..

The Security Media Cell in Iraq issued a statement saying that ISIS members attacked a police station in Zaganiya in Al-Abara district in the Baqouba Kaza in Diyala east Iraq. ISIS members opened fire intensively, claimimg the lives of three policemen and a civilian and injuring two policemen and five civilians.

ISIS members targeted a patrol of the Eighteenth Brigade of Iraqi army with an explosive device in the al-Hitawin area in al-Azim district in Diyala, killing a soldier and wounding three others..

On the other hand, Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces announced that they had foiled a terrorist attack of ISIS in Jisr Al-Maftoul, east Amerli in Salah al-Din, where members of Popular Mobilization Forces confronted ISIS members who fled away without causing any human damage to Popular Mobilization Forces.

One of the security points of Popular Mobilization was attacked by ISIS members on Friday night in Makishfiyeh area in Salah al-Din, killing and injuring 14 members of the Popular Mobilization.

On Sunday early morning, Al-Abbas Combat Division of the Popular Mobilization announced it foiled an attempt of ISIS militants on Nukhaib west Karbala. Al-Abbas members intensively opened fire on ISIS members, forcing them to retreat.

The activity of ISIS sleeper cells increased noticeably in several Iraqi regions in the past few days. ISIS sleeper cells carried out surprising attacks, followed by a rapid withdrawal without aimimg to take control over a specific region, in a way similar to what ISIS did in 2014 in Syria and Iraq.