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Taliban attacks kill, wound 1417 civilians since late February

A US-Taliban peace agreement has not put an end to the militant group’s attacks across Afghanistan. According to a report by Afghanistan’s interior ministry and the country’s intelligence body, National Directorate of Security, the Taliban have carried out more than 3,700 attacks since February 29th when the deal was signed. 

Four hundred and sixty-nine civilians, including women and children, were killed in the attacks across the country and 948 others were wounded.

During the same period, Afghan forces who were on the defensive killed more than 2,000 Taliban militants and captured 173 of them in their operations.

The Daesh terrorist group also recently launched two deadly attacks in Kabul and eastern Nangarhar Province, killing over 50 civilians, including newborn babies and pregnant women. More than 100 others were injured in those attacks. 

Soon after the recent wave of Daesh attacks in Afghanistan, the Afghan president ordered the country’s armed forces to switch to the offensive mood and resume pounding terrorist positions across the country.

As the Afghan government says, choosing a defensive mood by Afghan troops did not mean that they were not capable to protect their homeland against terrorist groups.

Afghan officials believe a lasting peace will not be achieved unless the Taliban militant group cuts its ties with other terrorist groups mainly those based in Pakistan.

However, Afghans believe some bigger players have their own economic, political and geostrategic goals in Afghanistan that might not be achieved without disrupting Afghanistan’s stability and security. They believe those countries back terrorist groups in Afghanistan to advance their own interests.

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