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Libyan Army captures 12 Syrian mercenaries during ambush

The Libyan National Army, led by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, announced the capture of 12 people, who said they were “mercenaries of Syrian citizenship.”

A statement of the Military Information Division of the National Army said on Saturday that “the armed forces targeted a gathering of groups inside the Yarmouk Camp, after placing them in a tight ambush by luring them inside the camp.”

The statement said that this targeting “left a large number of dead among the groups, and our units have captured 12 mercenaries who hold Syrian citizenship belonging to these groups.”

The Media Division posted a video of the operation and activists on Facebook posted a video of the families of those who were said to be mercenaries.

The Libyan National Army has accused the Government of National Accord and the Turkish authorities of deploying several foreign mercenaries, primarily Syrians, to many fronts with the LNA across the country.

In turn, the GNA and Turkish authorities have accused the LNA of using Russian ‘mercenaries’ from the security firm, Wagner, which was previously active inside Syria