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Several Rockets Launched By ISIS TARGET US-Operated Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan

On May 24 morning, a new rocket attack targeted the US-operated Bagram Airfield in the province of Parwan in Afghanistan’s eastern region.

In a statement released by its news agency, Amaq, ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack. The terrorist group said its fighters launched five Katyusha rockets at the airfield. The term “Katyusha” is usually used by the group to refer to 107 mm rockets.

Afghan security forces quickly uncovered the improvised multiple rocket launcher used in the attack. The launcher was hidden in the trunk of a civilian car, that was completely destroyed. ISIS used the exact same tactic in a previous rocket attack on the Bagram Airfield.

The NATO’s Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan is yet to commented on the new attack. No losses were reported, however.

The Bagram Airfield is the largest U.S. military base in Afghanistan. The airfield hosts several units of the Resolute Support Mission and the Afghan Armed Forces (AAF).

ISIS cells intensified their rocket attacks on Bagram Airfield in the last few months. Thus far, the NATO and local forces have failed to neutralize the cells responsible for these attacks