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US prevents Lebanon from acquiring air defense systems so Israel can attack Syria

In an interview with Sputnik Radio (Arabic-language version), the military expert Dr. Amin Ahteit, stated that last night’s attack by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) was not the first time that they have used Lebanese airspace to bomb Syria.

“Since Syria was able to restore its air defense platforms, Israel used Lebanese airspace to launch its aggression against Syria. It has taken four air routes from the south and north, and two in the center targeting the Damascus region and its surroundings, the Homs region and its surroundings, as well as Hama and its surroundings,” the military expert said.

“They (Israel) also targeted Aleppo, and this time there is a link in the series of successive Israeli aggressions against Syria, using Lebanon as a passageway for its aircraft,” he said, pointing out that the Lebanese Armed Forces do not have air defense systems to control its airspace.

According to Dr. Ahteit, the Lebanese Army is prevented from acquiring air defenses for two reasons: first, is due to financial capabilities and second, is due to the U.S.’ interference.

“The United States and its allies, especially Israel, prevent Lebanon from entering the world arms market, to purchase an air defense system, as well as American pressure on Lebanon, to prevent it from accepting Russian, Chinese and Iranian offers to provide it with an air defense system in order to keep the Lebanese airspace open to Israeli aggression,” he said.

Israel has repeatedly used Lebanese airspace to bomb Syria, but they have also shown their ability to travel undetected through the latter’s airspace by using their stealth fighters (i.e. F-35A) and drones.

While Syria has made significant improvements to its air defenses over the last few years, mostly due to assistance from Iran and Russian, they have been unable to match Israel’s technological advances in the aviation and military industries.

Some analysts believe, however, that if Lebanon possessed their own air defense systems, they would be able to limit the frequency of the Israeli attacks on the Syrian Arab Republic.

Another major factor that wasn’t mentioned by Dr. Ahteit is the U.S’ fear that supplying Lebanon with an air defense system result in Hezbollah having access to the equipment.

Hezbollah has shown in the past that they do possess air defense missiles; however, they are rarely used.