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Islamic Resistance in Iraq ” Threatens COMPANIES Working With U.S.-LED Coalition

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq – ‘Ashab al-Kahf (AK) has warned Iraqi companies against working with the U.S.-led coalition. In an official statement, the group vowed to use force against security and logistic companies if they don’t cease their work with the US-led coalition. The group said that nothing bars it from using force against these companies, anymore.

“You must focus on three important points of the enemy:

  1. We monitor you at a high level and you may not expect the extent of the influence within you, with regard to our field for sure
  2. We call on the workers in those Iraqi companies to stop helping the Americans and their dependents, in order to preserve their lives.
  3. The sons of our noble people from the south to the north should stay away from the American enemy’s convoys to be clearly visible,” the statement, which was released on June 7, reads.

AK is a pro-Iran Shiite group founded in August of 2019. Last April, the group claimed responsibility for the attack on a U.S. convoy on the Erbil-Saladin highway in Iraq’s northern region.

In the wake of the assassinated Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) Deputy-Commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis and Iran’s Quds Force Commander Maj. Gen. Qassim Soleimani, several new armed groups surfaced in Iraq. These groups were responsible for a series of attacks on the U.S.-led coalition, most notably the March 11 rocket attack on Camp Taji that killed three coalition service members.