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Syrian Army intercepts US military convoy in northeast Syria

In the context of the growing rejection of the U.S. presence east of the Euphrates, the residents of the village of Al-Dardara and the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) intercepted an American military convoy in the Tal Tamr countryside of Wednesday.

According to reports, the Syrian Army and the villagers refused to let the U.S. military convoy pass the checkpoint and forced them to turn around near the village of Al-Dandara in western Al-Hasakah.

The reports did not specify how long the standoff lasted; however, the location of this incident was the same as the previous interception, which was one of the most confrontational this year.

During the confrontation between the U.S. and Syrian Army last week, the SAA’s 154th Regiment demanded that the American forces immediately leave Syria and their occupation of the Levantine nation.

The U.S. soldiers did not respond to the verbal attacks and instead, agreed to turn around with out escalating the tensions near the town of Tal Tamr.