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Several Rockets Fall in Baghdad’s Green Zone, US Helicopters Flying Over the Area

The Green Zone in Baghdad, where the US embassy and the military bases of the US-led coalition are situated, has several times found itself in crossfire missile attacks in recent times.

Four ‘Katyusha’ rockets landed in Baghdad’s Green Zone, according to Al Arabia, as sirens could be heard after the explosions from the US embassy located in the area.

Al Arabia also reported that helicopters were flying over the Green Zone, with multiple reports from social media users that the helicopters belonged to the US.

There were no immediate reports on casualties or damage.

​The tweet reads: “Al-Arabiya correspondent: 4 Katyusha rockets landed near the American embassy in Baghdad”.

Citing local sources, Al Arabia said that the rockets were fired from the area of the Al-Rashid camp.

Baghdad’s Green Zone faces regular rocket attacks, as the US embassy in Iraq is located in the area, along with the military bases of the US-led coalition