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Turkey offers its weapons arsenal to Azerbaijan to fight Armenia

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reiterated his support for Azerbaijan, which witnessed border clashes with Armenia, in which 16 people were killed.
Erdogan said in a speech on Friday, that Ankara cannot leave Azerbaijan, “it’s a brotherly country, alone in the face of Armenian attacks.”
Turkey has strong historical and cultural ties with Azerbaijan as well as joint energy projects.
For his part, the director of the Turkish Defense Industries Authority said on Friday, that his sector is ready to assist Azerbaijan.
“Our defense industry, with all its expertise, technologies and capabilities, from our drones to our ammunition, missiles and electronic warfare systems, is always at the disposal of Azerbaijan,” said Ismail Demir, director of the Turkish Defense Industries Authority, on Friday.
Demir, who met with the Deputy Minister of Defense and Commander of the Azerbaijani Air Force Ramiz Taharov in Ankara, said that Turkey would help modernize the Azerbaijani army.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Tuesday that he would not hesitate to “stand against any attack” on Azerbaijan and that Armenia “is in a difficult position that it cannot deal with” in the conflict.
On Thursday, Azerbaijan hinted at the possibility of striking the Armenia Atomic Energy Station, after allegations spread about Armenia targeting some of Azerbaijan’s strategic facilities.
In response to reports that Armenia intends to launch a raid on the Azerbaijani Mingkevir reservoir, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry spokesman, Colonel Vagev Dargali, said, “These reports are false, because it is impossible.”
Dargali said, “This attack is impossible because the area in which this strategic facility is located is well fortified, in addition to the modern defense systems of the Azerbaijani Air Force.”
The spokesman added: “Armenia should not forget that the latest missile systems in the arsenal of the Azerbaijani army can target and launch an attack on the Metsamur nuclear power plant, which could lead to a major catastrophe for Armenia.”