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Turkey signs military cooperation agreement with Libya’s neighbor

A Russian think tank reported on Sunday, that Turkey has allegedly concluded a military cooperation agreement with a country bordering Libya.
According to Eurasia Political Studies website, “Katehon“, who quoted private sources in the Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA), Turkey had signed a military cooperation agreement with the country of Niger, which is located at the southern border of Libya.
The site indicated that this agreement between Turkey and Niger will strengthen Ankara’s control in the region, as the latter will support African countries, especially the Sahel countries, to be more effective in the issue of resolving the Libyan crisis.
A Libyan political analyst said to the site: “Niger suffers a lot at all levels from the stalling of its relations with Libya, especially the economically. Hence, Turkey will be an ally and support the African country on the one hand, and this agreement can also enable the Turkish government to gain access to heart of Africa, so it is possible that this military agreement can pave the way to reduce French influence and reduce the chances of French military threats. ”
In the same context, the Libyan expert, Ismail Bezinka, said that “the signing of the military agreement between the two countries will be in the interest of both parties, as Turkey will benefit through its expansion inside the  country, and Niger in playing a greater role in the file of the neighboring country, Libya, as well as major economic benefits.”
Bezinka expects that “the next country will be Chad to sign the military cooperation agreement, especially as economic and diplomatic cooperation is in continuous development between the two countries.