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Saudi King names new commander of Arab Coalition in Yemen

Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz issued an order assigning the Deputy Chief of the General Staff, Mutlaq bin Salem bin Mutlaq Al-Azima, with the task of leading the Arab coalition forces in Yemen.

The following is an overview of the new commander’s resume, via the Saudi Press

Al-Azima obtained a Bachelor of Military Sciences specializing in armored vehicles from the King Abdulaziz War College, and completed his military education by obtaining a Master’s of Military Sciences from the Command and Staff College of the Armed Forces in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, then a fellowship at the Higher War College from the Nasser Higher Military Academy.

He began his career with the leadership of a shield faction, then the commander of the supply and maintenance faction, until he assumed the task of deputy intelligence commander in the 4th Brigade of the Royal Saudi Land Forces during the war of liberation of the State of Kuwait, then deputy to the commander of the brigade.

He commanded the Peninsula Shield forces of the Gulf Cooperation Council states, then commanded the southern region and supervised the “South Shield” plan.

He also administered the military operations in Decisive Storm.

In view of his military experience, he was appointed as a military advisor to the office of the Saudi Minister of Defense, to give opinion and advice in the strategic, military and planning aspects.

After that, a royal order was issued to promote him to the rank of a general pillar, and to appoint him as deputy chief of the General Staff, to oversee comprehensive defense plans, raise combat readiness and build the armed forces.

It should be noted that King Salman issued a royal order on Monday, according to which he ended the service of the joint forces commander, Lieutenant General Fahd bin Turki bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, by referring him to retirement and investigation.