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China to US: You are the ones who destroy international peace, and Syria, Libya and Iraq are witnesses

Beijing has expressed its strong opposition to a report published recently by the U.S. Department of Defense under the title, “Military and Security Developments Related to the People’s Republic of China for 2020”.
In a statement issued on Sunday, Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qian stressed that this report represents evidence of the U.S. intention to discredit China and its military.
The spokesman pointed out that the Pentagon report contains wrong information about the relations between the ruling Communist Party in China and its armed forces, in addition to the wrong interpretation of Chinese defense policies and military strategy, while exaggerating what has been described as “the Chinese military danger.”
The spokesman pointed out that the United States issued a series of similar reports during the past two decades, describing it as a “blatant provocation and act of hegemony.”
Wu stressed that his country does not pose a threat to anyone, expressing the firm determination of the Chinese military to safeguard international peace, contribute to international development and support the world order.
He referred to the wars and military operations that Washington unlawfully conducted during the past 20 years against countries that include Iraq, Syria and Libya, which cost more than 800,000 lives and displaced tens of millions.
He added that these American actions confirm that “it is the United States that is causing regional chaos, violating the world order and destroying international peace.”
Sources: Xinhua, RT