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Sounds of artillery fire heard in Lebanon-Israel border area

Sounds of tube artillery are heard in the vicinity of the Shebaa farms area on the Israeli-Lebanese border, Lebanon’s official NNA news agency reported on Monday.

Earlier in the day, the NNA reported an explosion in the area of the Golan Heights at the intersection of the Lebanese-Syrian-Israeli borders. The blast origin and a source of smoke in the area have yet to be identified.
The sounds reached the settlements of El Aarqoub and Hasbaiyya, located not far from the farmlands, the news outlet reported.
Alongside with the artillery fire, sub-machine gun bursts also take place near the Israeli border, according to NNA.
Lebanon and Israel currently have tense bilateral relations, with the latter repeatedly crossing the neighboring country’s air, sea and land borders and using the Lebanese airspace to launch strikes at Syria aimed at alleged targets of the Beirut-based Hezbollah movement.
The two countries also have some territorial disputes on the demarcation of maritime and land borders.
Source: Sputnik