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The Syrian Army repels attack on Salamiyah, Hama countryside

khaled Iskef, Syrian Journalist

On Wednesday, the Syrian army repelled a violent attack with medium weapons by the Turkish-backed factions on its military points in Shahatyeh village, northeast Salamiyah in Hama countryside.

Sources reported that the attack at first targeted a single military point in Shahatyeh, near Athrya, then another attack was conducted with explosive missiles on several other points in Salamiyah countryside, intended to disperse the focus of army units.

The sources confirmed no changes have been made on the control map, as the Syrian army repelled all the attacks killing and injuring about 15 militants in one-hour clashes.

The Turkish-backed factions deliberately conduct offensives against Hama countryside every now and then in a blatant violation to the signed ceasefire agreements. The latest targetings were late August on Jureen town and al-Barakeh village northwest Hama, which resulted in wounding a civilian.