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Russia’s Su-27 scrambled to intercept UK spy plane over Black Sea

Russian fighter jet Su-27 was scrambled to intercept reconnaissance aircraft Royal Air Force RC-135 over the Black Sea, the Russian Defense Ministry’s National Defense Control Center (NDCC) said on Wednesday.
“On September 16, 2020, Russian airspace control devices detected an air target approaching the Russian state border over the neutral waters of the Black Sea,” the statement says.
In order to identify the air target and prevent violation of the Russian state border, a Su-27 fighter from the Southern Military District’s air defense forces was scrambled.
“The crew of the Russian fighter approached the aerial object at a safe distance and identified it as a strategic reconnaissance aircraft RC-135 of the Royal Air Force. After the foreign reconnaissance aircraft turned away from the Russian state border, the Russian fighter safely returned to the home base,” the NDCC said.
The entire flight of the Russian fighter was conducted strictly in accordance with international rules for the use of airspace. No violations of the Russian state border by the UK plane were allowed, the statement says.
Source : Sputnik