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Deadly clash between FARC and Venezuelan military

The Venezuelan military clashed with members of the “new” FARC militant group in Apure, near the Venezuelan-Colombian border on Sunday.
According to military reports, four soldiers and as many as fifteen FARC members were killed in the conflict.
Following the ratification of the Colombian peace deal on October 2, 2016, several members of the militant groups have split from the newly formed political party and rejoined forces mainly focused on the illegal narcotics trade.
While clashes near the Venezuelan-Colombian border between various militant groups and gangs are common, the extend of the casualties on Sunday were unusually high.
While the Colombian peace agreement was seen as a right step for stability in the country, it has been largely neglected by the current administration of Colombian President Ivan Duque.
Just last week, Colombia has witnessed 7 massacres across the country as a new wave of violence grips the country.