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Venezuela to ship oil to Iran despite previous US threats

Reuters quoted an informed source as saying that the state-run Venezuelan oil company had begun loading a huge tanker flying the Iranian flag with a shipment of heavy Venezuelan crude for export.
A source said in an interview with the agency on Tuesday, that the tanker is expected to ship up to two million barrels of Venezuelan heavy crude on its way back, in a sale agreed by the Venezuelan Oil Company and the state-owned Iranian National Oil Company.
The source added that the date of sailing or the destination of the vessel has not yet been decided.
According to PDVSA documents, the giant oil tanker flying the Iranian flag arrived at the Jose oil port in Venezuela this month carrying 2.1 million barrels of Iranian condensate for use in reducing Venezuela’s production of very heavy oil.
Washington is seeking to disrupt trade between Iran and Venezuela, and the United States confiscated more than a million barrels of Iranian fuel while it was on its way to Venezuela last July.