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Iran unveils upgraded T-72 tanks and armored vehicles

The modern T-72 main battle tank and armored personnel carrier with the BMP-2 fighting compartment were presented at a weapons fair in Tehran.
This technology was displayed in the Sacred Defense Museum and is dedicated to the anniversary of the start of the Iran-Iraq war, according to Rossiyskaya Gazeta newspaper.
For the first time, this version of the T-72 was shown in August, during the visit of the Minister of Defense Amir Hatami to a tank factory located in the city of Dorud (Lorestan Province).
However, the vehicles created under the Karrar program were not fully equipped: there were no dynamic protection elements, there were no armor for the main target designation system, etc.
Now the show has a fully assembled sample, on which an optoelectronic protection kit is installed, which prevents the effective use of high-precision weapons by the enemy.
This exhibition also saw an armored personnel carrier reminiscent of a BTR-90. In fact, this is an updated Iranian copy of the Soviet BTR-60.
Its hull shape was completely modified, outdated engines replaced, hatches appeared on the sides. Firepower is provided by installing a tower from the BMB-2 infantry fighting vehicle.