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Russian troops break through US barrier in northeast Syria

The Russian Armed Forces broke through a barrier setup by the U.S. troops along a road in the Syrian governorate of Al-Hasakah, the Russian publication, Avia.Pro, said on Tuesday.
“The Russian military convoy, despite the opposition of the Americans, managed to break through into the eastern part of northern Syria,” the publication said, referring to an incident that took place in the city of Al-Malikiyah in northeastern governorate of Al-Hasakah.
The publication said the Russian military convoy was able to break through the roadblock and reach their base, which they pointed out was along a road to the Iraqi border.
“Earlier, in this direction, Russian troops experienced very serious pressure from the Americans, however, despite this fact, Russian servicemen managed to break through to the area, however, the key event is the fact that a Russian military checkpoint was deployed in this direction, completely blocking the movement of Americans from Iraq,” they said.
The online publication cited photos released by the North News Agency, which showed the Russian troops at a road block near the city of Al-Malikiyah.
Over the past year, the Russian and U.S. forces have repeatedly intercepted one another’s convoys in northeastern Syria, sometimes resulting in vehicle accidents and injuries.
In August, one such accident led the U.S. and Russia to begin using their military choppers to maintain the safety of their troops along the roads in the Al-Hasakah Governorate.