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Syrian Army strikes terrorists fortifications in strategic mountain region

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) continued their strikes on the jihadist positions in the Jabal Al-Akrad region of Latakia this morning, hitting several sites around the Kabani hills.
Using both artillery and missiles, the Syrian Arab Army began their attack this morning by striking the jihadist trenches along the Kabani front-lines.
The Syrian Arab Army would expand their attack on Tuesday by targeting some of the hilltops surrounding Kabani and the nearby town of Al-Sirmaniyeh.
According to a field source, the Syrian Arab Army also targeted the Hurras Al-Deen group’s positions inside the nearby Al-Ghaab Plain region, as they continued their campaign to weaken the jihadist defenses in northwest Syria.
On Monday, the Syrian Arab Army launched a powerful attack on the Kabani hills, inflicting heavy damage on the defenses of the Turkestan Islamic Party (TIP).