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Lebanese Army thwarted planned terrorist attack

The commander of the Lebanese Army, General Joseph Aoun, spoke about “foiling plans that were prepared for Lebanon,” stressing that the terrorist project was not allowed to infiltrate into the country.
He said during his meeting with soldiers who were killed during a raid on the home of a wanted terrorist in northern Lebanon, “terrorism does not recognize a sect or religion, and its main project is murder,” indicating that “these soldiers thwarted plans that were prepared for our homeland, but we will not allow the terrorist project to infiltrate into the Lebanese interior, whatever sacrifices that cost us. ”
He added, “Our martyrs saved Lebanon from dangerous operations and protected all its regions without exception.”
Thirteen terrorists were killed in a security operation carried out by the Internal Security Forces, with the support of the army, in Wadi Khaled, in the northern part of the country, last week.
Source: NNA