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US drone crashes near Syrian Army lines in Hasakah

A U.S. military drone crashed between the positions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Turkish-backed militants in the western countryside of the Al-Hasakah Governorate on Wednesday.
Citing a high-ranking Syrian military source, Sputnik Arabic reported that the U.S. drone fell near the village of Dardara, which is located approximately three kilometers away from the key town of Tal Tamr in western Al-Hasakah.
“The plane fell while wandering in the sky of the area separating the control of the Syrian Arab Army and the Turkish army points and the (armed Syrian opposition) militias affiliated with it,” the source said.
The incident reportedly took place on Wednesday, while the drone was conducting a reconnaissance mission in western Al-Hasakah.
The source added that “four American armored vehicles, accompanied by a military helicopter, and a number of pick-up trucks belonging to the SDF organization’s forces,” were attempting to locate the drone that fell over western Al-Hasakah.
However, the drone itself was reportedly discovered by the Syrian Arab Army, who photographed the unmanned aerial vehicle after it crashed near Dardara.