Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

Khaled Iskef, Syrian Journalist

Al-Nusra Front arrested a Saudi leader in “Guardians of Religion” organization called “Abu Abdul Rahman al-Makki”, along with two other leaders of the same organization, within the continuated struggle between the resembled jihadist factions.

Local sources said that “Al-Nusra” raided the location of “Al-Makki” near the city of “Jisr Al-Shughour” in Idlib countryside, a large number of “Al-Nusra” militants surrounded the place suddenly, which makes “Guardians of Religion” armed men surrender and “Al-Makki” was arrested without any confrontations.
  Arresting “Al-Makki” came hours after “Al-Nusra” had arrested the two leaders of “Guardians of Religion” “Khallad Al-Joufi” and “Abu Basir Al-Suhail” by storming their residence in Idlib western countryside, and taking them to an unknown destination.
Within its war against the other factions to impose its absolute control over Idlib, Al-Nusra constantly launches arrest campaigns targeting jihadist leaders, especially those of “Guardians of Religion” Organization. Three days ago, Al-Nusra stormed the house of a former leader in the same Organization “Abu Aisha al-Tajiki”, who tried to resist and Al-Nusra members shot him dead in front of his house.
The activities of “Al-Nusra Front” against the jihadist factions opposed to it have increased lately, especially those affiliated to the takfiri operations room “Fa Ethbato/ Stay Firm” .‌‌