Sat. Oct 1st, 2022

The governor of the border city of Khda Afrin, Ali Amiri Raad, said that the fall of shells inside Iranian territory continues.
He pointed out that 10 shells landed during the day, on the outskirts of five border villages, without causing any casualties.
Iranian state television reported today that Major General Muhammad Pakpour, Commander of the Ground Forces of the Revolutionary Guard, inspected the border areas, with the deployment of army and Revolutionary Guard forces on the border.
For his part, Shahriar Heydari, Deputy Chairman of the National Security Committee in the Iranian Parliament, said that it had been decided to summon the ambassadors of Armenia and Azerbaijan, and to deliver them a letter of protest against the continued fall of missiles on Iranian territory.
Heydari added that “the interference of foreign countries in the conflict over Karabakh is worrying.”
On the morning of September 27, armed clashes erupted on the contact line between Azerbaijani and Armenian forces in the Nagorno Karabakh region and adjacent areas, in the most dangerous escalation between the two parties in more than 20 years, amid mutual accusations of starting hostilities and bringing in foreign militants.
The current fighting is the fiercest since the 1990s and reinforces fears of a wider regional war that may drag Russia and Turkey into it, amid severe concerns for stability in the South Caucasus, the region that transports oil and gas from Azerbaijan to global markets.
The Azerbaijani President, Ilham Aliyev, has repeatedly stressed since the start of this escalation that the only condition for his country’s forces in exchange for a cessation of hostilities is to “liberate the occupied Azerbaijani lands,” explaining the need for the Armenian side to display a timetable for the withdrawal of its forces from Karabakh and the 7 adjacent areas that have been controlled.