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Greek warships on high alert over Turkish naval activity

Greece has put its warships in the southeastern part of the Aegean Sea on alert, against the backdrop of Turkey’s decision to extend the period of excavation work in an area that Athens considers as belonging to its continental shelf.
On Thursday, the Greek Navy issued a counter-message via the International Maritime Calcification System, “NAFTEX”, in response to another message in which Turkey announced the extension of the exploration missions carried out by three ships, including “Uruc Reis”, in the waters between the islands of Kastellorizo ​​and Rhodes until October 27 instead of October 22, as originally planned.
The Greek Navy stressed in its message that the exploration work carried out by Turkey in the disputed area is “unauthorized and illegal.”
According to press reports, the Greek Navy raised the alert level of its forces in the region to “Orange”, when the “Uruc Reis” approached 14 km from Kastellorizo, near the Turkish mainland.
Last Wednesday, the Greek Ministry of Defense published pictures showing what was described as a “protective wall” consisting of warships concerned with protecting the disputed area.
Source: RT